Honesty and Credit Work World

Editor:嘉兴市宏宇新材料有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-08-30 

The company has established an endogenous innovation mechanism driven by market and customer demand, guaranteed by scientific management system and guaranteed by financial strength.

Through the establishment of organizational structure, the construction of innovation system and the introduction of talents, a set of organizations, systems and a reasonable structure of talents that can effectively carry out decision-making, command, control and information feedback has been realized, which can not only mobilize all kinds of resources needed for innovation, but also coordinate the management and implementation of many links in the process of innovation. Operating in order to make people do their best, communicate smoothly and cooperate effectively, so as to promote the smooth progress of the company's technological innovation activities.

We rely on creative design, innovative technology and customized service plan to maintain and develop the sustained competitiveness, and jointly push enterprises to the top of the industry!